Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The starling has found himself a very satisfactory squat.  The timber and the paintwork need a bit of attention, and he has to share it with a lot of pesky house sparrows.  But it's safe from sparrowhawks and ground predators.  It's definitely worth singing about, he might even attract himself a hen starling.  He hasn't got his breeding season yellow bill yet, but he's looking forward to raising a family here in a couple of months time.  The big question is whether he will join the flock of winter visitors at the big roost in the reedbeds at night.  Why would he?  He's a local bird, and he's as safe as safe could be in here at night.

There is one risk, however, which is that our neighbour's landlord may at some stage get round to doing some household improvements.  

Other news - we seem to have got the thorn out of Gus's paw, and he's walking well again.  He's had a good day.

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