Wide Wednesday - Minimal

I just leaned out the front window and snapped this shot of the moon and the line of lights and that will have to be it as its the only shot taken today!

Its been too hot to even go outside, I think it got to 42c this afternoon and even just sticking your head out the door was horrible!! ;o) 

Went to the hand therapy people again this morning, had an 8am appointment but it was already 30c even at that hour ugh!!  
I’ve got another device to wear and one of the customers today asked me why I was wearing a knuckle duster ;o) lol.  Its for holding my little finger in a better position but I cant type when I’ve got it on, or do much else either, so I’ll be taking it on and off a lot I guess ;o)

Thanks to Bob for hosting WW ;o)

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