Leaf Guy

I like this leaf which was leaning on my lamp.  I’m calling him Leaf Guy because I could see he had a couple of faces, one facing forward and one to the side ;o)

Another crazy day at the coalface and a very hot day to boot!  The heat is on for the whole week!! High 30’s and lows of 23 until next Monday, its a marathon!!

The saga of the bees continues.  The beekeeper says the queen has disappeared and the swarm has gone a bit crazy and thats why they entered the wall cavity.  It turns out that cavity has an opening into the Watchmakers workshop!   When they came in on Monday and turned the lights on all the bees rushed out of the hole that they didn't even know was there!! When they turned out the lights and ran out of there and came back later they had all gone back into the wall!! Apparently the beekeeper is going to give it one more try to coax the swarm out before he starts drilling into the wall to locate them! Not looking good for the swarm!!

We also have workmen across the road in the old ToysRUs building renovating it as there is going to be a gym moving in. They’ve been starting work around 4.30am - 5am which is actually against the law. Hubby has spoken to them a couple of times and they promised to keep the noise down aaaaarghh!!  They don't seem to be able to do that!!!

Tonight the council workers are out the front taking down the xmas street decorations, they have a beeping cherry picker and lots of guys standing around chatting and laughing, could it get any worse!! Last night there was a problem with the water in the street and there were guys out the front digging up the footpath, they turned off our water just as I was cleaning my teeth ugh!!!

So we’re both bleary eyed and ready to snap!! Lol no not really but it does make it more stressful than it needs to be, hopefully things will really settle down soon! 

I’ll catch up with you all soon xxxxx

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