Broken windows

I revisited Wortley Hall stable-block this morning.  Looking through the images I shared with the NE Creative photography group triggered my memory of sharing a panel of the windows with them.  Lyn suggested I rephotographed them separately, which I did this morning.  I was aiming for in-camera multiple exposures and they turned out darker than I visualised in my head - my guess is that if I'd left it until the afternoon I would have got more reflection from the sky. I'm going to add the 6 panel in extras but may not leave it there.  The one I've chosen for today was a bit of an afterthought, where I included a window image plus window ledge.  I really like this one.

I discovered some things about my camera that I hadn't realised before - so I need to do some homework and put in place some custom settings.

I also treated myself to coffee and a brownie from the cafe/bar in the Hall and very good it was too.

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