By feorlean

Loch Eck

I was at the Coylet Inn for lunch and although we left around 2.30 the sun was already behind the hill, throwing Loch Eck into shadow , with a distinct and noticeable drop in temperature. 

I never come here without remembering the late Cllr Ron Simon, who drove his wee sports car (by accident) into the loch at this spot one icy morning whilst on his way to Kilmory for a Council meeting and walked away with hardly his feet wet.  

The hotel was also the last place I spent any time with him, just after New Year in 2014 when  Cathleen and I had lunch with him and Gail.   Ron was instrumental in getting me selected as the candidate for Argyll & Bute in 2010 and then set up  and ran my office in Dunoon after  I was elected.  He is still much missed. 

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