Strange noise in the chimney...

Like that famous photo of a polar bear with its paws out of a Russian dacha window, our neighbours were woken up to a bit of a shock. They too had something trying to get into their chimney/attic. Not sure what it was, but it looks like either Santa Claus was making a drunken late delivery or a family of raccoons had been holding another late-night corroboree. Glad it was them, not us.

The day was pretty good. Spent it primarily with Ottawacker Jr., trying desperately to recall my mathematics (perimeters, areas) and while I was sure that length x width = area of a square, I admit to a little confusion when it came to circles. So I skipped that bit.

After the monster snowfall came the snowplough - so the boy took the opportunity to shovel the drive for two hours ("you need to save your hips dad"). Good exercise for him. 

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