A Conversation Of Chairs, London

It was freezing cold today in London but at least it was quiet work wise so I decided to go for an early lunchtime pint and then a bit of a walk. My workplace is on New Bond Street but today I discovered a new hidden courtyard on the very same street! I have no idea if these chairs were placed this way for a reason or if it was totally random but they made for an arresting sight. 
My alternative title for this was "The Last Week Of Empty Seats" which is a roundabout way of referring to the back to the office edict which means that all public transport will no longer have "plenty of empty seats" as the tannoy announcements have been saying during the "work from home if you can" period. It has really made my apprehension and anxiety kick in like a mule as regards next week - particularly when mask wearing will no longer be mandatory. I'm convinced the rules have been relaxed for political reasons and don't have anything to do with the science. It's all part of Project Save Boris at all costs, f**k SAGE  and the false magic of herd immunity.
Extra image is called "His Happy Place".
Postscipt : I"ve managed to discover the name of the courtyard - it's called the Medici Courtyard and it has alleys at each end. One connects to New Bond Street and the other to Hanover Square. One of the reason it looks the way it does is apparently there is a basement beneath the courtyard so there could be no heavy planting or large trees. I rather like it's minimalism.

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