Ambling Camera

By AmblingCamera

The Old Mud Brick Cottage

The Mistress has had an extremely busy day. First from an early morning visitor for a lesson in Textures. Then another visitor for a lesson in the club job that that person is taking over while the mistress and I are in Europe. Then a quick visit to the Vineyard to pick two buckets of Pinot Noir Grapes to make the yearly Pinot Noir Jelly. An extremely sticky job picking them all.

Then to help her cousin peel spuds for the harvesters meal, then rushed home in time for another visitor who came for wine and cheese and gossip. My - I blushed bright red sometimes overhearing what they talked about. Then yet another two visitors.

Now the Mistress is heating up the grapes to start making Jelly and is rushing to the stove to check it all in between blipping! It's going to be a busy few days then on Wednesday she starts to pack!

This is an old falling down Mud Brick Cottage not far from the Vineyard which she decided to Blip. The Blip was going to be the Falcon on the road, but a car scared it away before she could get me out of my bag! The Mistress was too slow!

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