A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


As I've recently bored you with, we've just had the Games Room rewired.  This normally predicates a complete redecoration after channels have been carved into the walls for the new cables. However, we'd rather defer that expense this year as two big rooms are scheduled for August.  

Thus, the plan to patch the decor.  Usefully, there's was some spare paper in the basement from the previous owners, and one of our random paint samples was a near perfect match for the painted walls.

Must admit I'm quite please with this one.  The socket was previously, dubiously, fitted into the wooden skirting board. Spot the joins :o)

The paper is by G P & J Baker - found a sample tagged with the design details.  Yes it suits the huge room fine (though clashes with the curtains) but at what must have been nigh on £40/strip I suspect we'll be going for something a bit less pretentious and a lot more durable.  

Material-wise it's utter rubbish, incredibly delicate. For £100 a roll I half expect it to put itself up, but at least not come apart at the slightest opportunity. Glad I was only dealing with square inches of it.

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