By PicturePoems

"Me not lee!"

It's only about three weeks since we saw little Miss B, and even in that short time her speech has come on. She still says an L sound in place of the S sound. So, for example, I'm G'anny Lee (C). 

The family's dining table is in the conservatory and so, even if there's frost on the ground, the sun soon warms up the room. Today, when she was having her lunch, LMB came out with quite a complex sentence:
"Mr Sunshine's glowing on me, making me head hot!"
So, for fun, her mum popped a sunhat on her head. 
Ever the joker, LMB pulled it over her eyes and announced: "Me not lee!" Then she pulled it back and smiled. "Dat better!"
So here's my Silly Saturday blip in fond memory of admirer.

It's been a good day. At long last, in the (forwarded) post, I received my DRIVING LICENCE! It's "only" taken the DVLA *9 MONTHS* (!) Fortunately, they have dated it from this month, so I haven't lost 9 months from my next three years before I'll need to have my eyes tested again to renew it again. Phew! In the same post, Mr PP received his renewed licence (as he approaches three score years and ten in a couple of months), his application having been turned around in a matter of DAYS!

Mr PP Jnr drove up with stuff of ours for storage and helped his pa unload both cars and rearrange our stored items in the nearby self-storage place. He then caught up with his sister and niece before heading home.

While they were busy elsewhere, LMB helped me doing odd jobs in her garden, cutting back dead growth. And playing games, too, in the sun! Now we're feeling ready for bed again, but it's a little early. I'm sure we shall sleep well anon. 

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, blipmates!

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