The subtlety of vowels

Having behaved in such an appalling way yesterday by depriving Ottawacker Jr. of his apparent birthright and forcing him to work on a teacher's Professional Development Day, it was somewhat gratifying to see him putting some of the lessons we had learned on said day into effect. While there might be no "Magic E" in this particular word, the vowel length certainly makes a difference. And as we now know, ham tastes better when it is Polish than when it has polish.

Another bone-chilling, energy-sapping, mind-numbing day here in the nation's capital. With no end in sight. We sat around, read, watched a couple of DVDs in the evening... Slight discontent from the young one when his friend was out sledding in the front garden, but I told he could play outside once again when the 2-week post-vaccine lag was up. So I took him upstairs to watch the highlights of the Premier League. Some of them were so good, we had to watch them twice. Oh Everton, never change.

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