Sweet Surrender/Baker Girl Is In the House

It's been cold lately, and when my husband requested peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, I was happy to heat up the stove for it. The cookie recipe is a simple one, right here. I usually use one cup of white sugar and one cup of light brown sugar, instead of two cups of white sugar.

Also, I add chocolate chips, as many as I can fit into the mix! At 350 degrees F, the cookies come out to perfection at about 8 and a half minutes. I used my two new big cookie pans and boy, are they awesome. The cookies slide right off and the cookie trays can be cleaned with a rinse and a quick wipe! How did I live without them?

Above you may see the results of my baking efforts: peanut butter cookies just chock full of chocolate chips, piled high on the kitchen table. And then you open the oven door and the whole house warms up and smells wonderful!

They are also quite tasty; I think my husband easily ate a dozen of them before bedtime. I recommend you grab a handful of sweet treats, with a glass of cold milk or hot tea, for dipping!

The soundtrack song is this one: John Denver, with Sweet Surrender.

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