Edward VII Surveys the Market

The gentleman on the podium is Edward VII, and not as I commented the other day his son. The International Market was in town this weekend. In the main this means many of the stalls are French, with a few from other places including The Netherlands and Italy.

The market takes place once a month and seems to be a very popular event. Noticing the crowds around the bread stall I am surprised there is not more of a demand for good fresh bread on a day to day basis.

I am an infrequent visitor to the market, though I think it is the second time I have been this year. I usually have something to eat from one of the stalls and today was no exception. I had a very nice paella. One stall doing a particularly lively trade was selling "exotic meats". I think they may have been helped by all the recent publicity. They had steaks sausages and burgers of all sorts of animals, including horse.

As I walked past I heard the stall holder saying they were sold out of nearly everything, presumably including horse. I think he said he only had Wagyu and Zebra left. Other delicacies available earlier included Camel and Llama. With all the publicity horse was no doubt one of the first to be sold out. Having already had the paella I did not feel able to cope with a zebra burger.

In line with the trend recently the sun did not appear until late in the day.

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