This morning I was up earlier than usual and decided to grab a quick shower. As soon as I was out of the water I noticed a gorgeous glow in the sky, so I dried off as fast as I could, slung my dressing gown back on and went outside with my camera. Blip sorted early doors!

Why do we say "Early doors?" I know it means early in the proceedings, and apparently it started with a term for people who were first through the pub doors of an evening back in the time when they were not allowed to be open all day.

Over to my Dad's and of course he had PMQ's on. Boris and his merrie men doing a lot of pointing and saying "Stop looking at this thing! Look at that thing over there instead! No!! Over there!! Over there!!"

I managed to change the podiatry appointment fortunately, and it's all sorted now, including the taxi!

Grace fetched me home for the first time this year. I had hoped she could take me to a different supermarket where I could get the things that Tesco didn't have or I'd forgotten but as she had an appointment, I got her to drop me in town instead. I got most of the stuff. 

Once home I sat down to have a coffee. Minstrel came and got comfy on my lap so no cleaning got done. Think I'll just make sure it's reasonably tidy - it is not that bad in here at the moment!

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