Cracks in the caucus?

We've seen the party sticking together so far in the face of adversity, but cracks are starting to show. Some of the bears are beginning to peel off, becoming unreliable. Could the end be nigh for BigBear?

Meanwhile in Toyland, consensus in the streets today was that BigBear would be better left in place. Sure, the Bear Pit is up to its oxters in stealing our porridge, but at least it's in plain sight. Get rid of BigBear, say the Toys, and you'll only get another one who's better at it. Our porridge will still be stolen, along with all the spoons, and the Toys playing Doctors and Nurses will be even more likely to be sold off to Disneyland.

No, said today's opinion poll. Leave BigBear where he is. It will make all the other Toys ever more cross. And more likely that Toyland will seize its independence from the Bear Pit. Well, it's what they're all saying.

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