A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts

Being Selective

We had a successful garage sale fundraiser yesterday. It was a success because a lot of fun was had by all, it was a time of bonding for many neighbors, the weather was nearly perfect, everyone pitched in, and some money was raised for the cause. We even had some customers who simply donated a little more than the cost of the item. It was heart warming.

My blip friend Douglas helped me learn to do selective coloring, something that has always amazed me. Thank you Camera, Books, Music! It really isn't too hard once you follow the directions on the link he provided me. I suppose the real art is knowing when to use it. This was my first attempt. I only took a handful of pics yesterday so not too many to choose from.

Today I am thankful for another beautiful weather day, the potatoes I am about to plant, and for my blip friends who are always eager to help.

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