Queen Ann Lace

Again....I love this flower and getting in close and personal.  I've used my 50mm with two of the extension tubes.  f1/8 to give to give the softness.
Don't take any notice of the data, that relates to the white background.

Back to yesterdays abstract - no one wasn't even close which isn't surprising as it looks nothing like the real deal (which I have put in as an extra). My fridge door handle, or part thereof. 

We filled in our day rather successfully.....a visit to town this morning, and came home with nothing *sad face*.

But out to the garden this afternoon, which makes me happy, so good for the soul.  The  garden  is large, and I do curse it from time to time, but really keeps me out of too much mischief and gives me much enjoyment.

Omicron continues to move about and increase in numbers.

I'm late putting my blip in, been so engrossed with the tennis I couldn't do anything else.  My man Raffa came through against Berrettini - wow what a contest.

Enjoy your weekend.


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