Clicker Expo Live

We are so ready for a weekend of Clicker Expo Live!

Clicker Expo is a dog training conference originally hosted by the father mother of clicker training; Karen Pryor. I have been to 2 physical Clicker Expos - 1 in England and 1 in Denmark and last year I joined my first online Clicker Expo. It was great, so I am doing it again this year. 

Since the conference is held in the USA, the time difference is creating some issues. I will have to stay up all night as it starts 4 PM Danish time and first day ends at 3 AM tomorrow morning. I am ready though - lots of coffee, sugar and energy drinks will get me through :-).

I spent the morning making sure that the boys are ready for an afternoon and evening in front of the laptop. We went training, had coffee with Bodil and spent 1½ hours in the woods. 

My blip today is a picture from Xmas' training this morning, which has been through the Clicker Expo Virtual Photo Booth.

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See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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