An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Tremble like a flower...

For the life of me I cannot remember what type of flower this is damn my menopausal brain! but I do know it's one of my least favourites so the challenge when photographing them, is to take a shot that pleases me.

Three months ago this shot would have really pleased me, but having  now completed Celia Henderson's RPS course Photoshop for the Creative Flower Photographer, I know there are  load of improvements I could make to it as well as a never ending list of ways to create a more arty outcome.  

My challenge over the coming months is to watch the course sessions again and begin practicing and applying what I've learned and hopefully show that old dogs can learn new tricks :-)  So today's shot is my baseline.  Brace yourself for many flower shots over the coming months (Ha!  Just like in the old days of my journal lol)

I had hoped to photograph some snowdrops from the garden but only a tiny clump has appeared so far.  I am hoping that's because a hard frost is needed to bring them on rather than the guys who gave the garden a tidy up last year digging them up!!  Actually, now I think about it, we're always a bit later up here.  The bluebells are not their best till June and the odd daffodil has been known to still be hanging about then too!  So there's hope yet.

David's been out playing golf at Leven for most of the day.  Alan and Ally are off out on an adventure so Lola and I have had the place to ourselves.  Well after JR the Home Control guy left.  He was here to replace another router (we have four because of the thick stone walls) so hopefully that will improve the wifi upstairs and in Alan's bedroom.  We've also been having problems with the sound cutting out on the tv and when listening to music through the home Control system.  Apparently we need a new amplifier, which till take three weeks.  Whoo-pee-do!

In other news, we have been invited to a belated birthday dinner for me at Ele's tomorrow.  I can't wait!  It's been so long since I was sciatica free that I've forgotten what it's like to go visiting!  I hope I can remember how to behave! ;-)))

And look at me blipping before midnight.  Oh the joys of having something planned rather than hunting for a blip at the last minute! 

Chrysanthemum!  Got it!  Knew if I stopped thinking about it I would remember!  Now where did I put my specs?  Anyone?

Apparently this is my 4000th blip!  Sign of a mis-spent youth ;-)))

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