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By HeidiAndDolly

Birthday Celebrations…And…The Mystery Reveal!

A few days ago it was my sister’s birthday and today we had belated celebrations. Tina lives about 45 minutes away and she drove over to me in time for lunch. I took her to a cafe I like in Wargrave and we had a delicious lunch.

I’d promised her a walk after lunch so off we set across fields near Wargrave - one of my favourite walks which has provided me many blips through the years. In fact my very first blip was taken at the bottom of the field in the bottom centre picture in this collage. The well - Rebecca’s Well - appeared in one of my blips almost 7 years ago.

It was a grey and cold day but we were warm enough bundled up for the weather. At least there was no rain!  Tina knows what I’m like with having a winter picnic, so she wasn’t surprised that we packed flasks of hot drinks and bought a couple of pieces of cake at the cafe where we’d had lunch. She did ask though where we were going to sit, as she’d forgotten her seat mat that I’d given her a couple of Christmases ago. She didn’t seem to notice that my rucksack was a little bigger than what it might have been with just cake and flasks.

A couple of days ago I posted a ‘mystery blip’ so now you can see what that clever round thing does!  It’s lightweight enough to carry in a bag or even on the shoulder with its handy shoulder strap. It pulls apart easily and telescopically turns into a handy-dandy seat! It’s even adjustable so you can make it any height you want.

It’s the perfect solution, as I often want to sit somewhere and have my coffee, and can’t find a ledge or a log to sit on. I’ve tried different folding stools but this one has got to be the very best!  I liked it so much I bought a second one so we could use them both today and told Tina that it was part of her birthday gift.  

I know you’re all going to want to rush out and buy one so here’s the link from where I bought it. And no, I’ve not been paid for this promotion!

We enjoyed our coffee and cake, with a very nice view, even with the grey sky. And when we got home we had another couple of hours together with tea in front of the fire, crocheting and enjoying sister time. A perfect day!

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