Thursday - more coffee

I had a 10 am call with Søren.
I somehow missed the timing for the call with Hannah .... thought it was 2 pm but it was at 1pm.
It was actually good as I was still catching up with the web copy tasks.
Then Neil and I went out to QMD for a coffee at Sara's before I headed back to jump into the call with Hazel!

I dived a bit in Human design in the morning and it was so intriguing, fascinating and eye-opening!!!
It explained so much about myself and things all of a sudden became clear!!!
I now know why I am so easily stressed and struggle with productivity .....
It was blowing my mind!!!

I will have to change a lot of things in order to live my live to my design... it is exciting but will not be easy.

It was good to chat with Hazel who has the same type as I .... so much to learn, study and change.... but so many answers too.....

Blipping two cups and a hand for a change... 

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