Roadmap Out Of Lockdown Step 4 (Take 2) - Day 4

It’s Sunday so it has to be a Robin, just one of two that were singing beautifully this frosty blue sky morning. The blue skies lasted until late afternoon, perfect weather for armchair bird spotting for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch (see my list below, and my collage in extras for some of the birds spotted, including a couple of bum shots, literally!).

Somehow I’m still awake, the side effects of one of my new meds is insomnia. Last night I only managed three hours sleep (from 5am to 8am), so today has drifted by in a haze. Keeping everything crossed that tonight I get some sleep...

Take care, stay safe and well...

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2022

30 Sparrows
5 Starlings
5 Feral Pigeons
3 Collared Doves
2 Robins
2 Blackbirds
2 Blue Tits
2 Goldfinch
2 Magpies
2 Jackdaws
2 Wood Pigeons
1 Great Tit
1 Dunnock
1 Greenfinch
1 Black Cap

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