The second half of life..

By twigs

Yum! Cicada for tea

A Liquorice Allsort day.  

Having learned that the AO final I 'quit' on (thereby missing an incredible match) was being televised again at 6.00am made for an early start.........though I didn't feel the need to get up to watch the two sets I'd already seen.  That saw me through to a bit after midday.

Headed to Zealandia for a squizz around to see what the bird life was up to - what a wonderful way to spend 3 hours!  Too many species seen to list.  This tui looked pretty chuffed with his catch which must have been caught milliseconds before this shot as only moments beforehand he was singing.  

Onward then to 'somewhere' to rest for the night.  I've opted for Otaki, a tried and trusted freedom camping site on the beach (though it's a pebbly beach)

All good and I'm enjoying being out and about again.

In COVID news, there were 126 new cases reported today. There are 8 in hospital and zero in ICU.  

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