My place

It’s wide Wednesday today so here is a picture taken in my family room. You can see no tidying up has taken place today. It’s the first photo from my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix P950. I haven’t read the instructions but took this when I formatted my old SD card. Why a new camera? Most people in this group wouldn’t contemplate a question like that but the reason is my trusty Panasonic had a meltdown while we were at Mayfield Gardens last week and it wasn’t worth fixing. Sad face. We don’t have a local camera shop and as I was going to Orange today decided to get a technician to tell me what was wrong. As there was no hope I bought a replacement. 

Last time I bought a camera I spent months researching what I should buy, today I purchased the only one he showed me, now I have to work out how to use it. It has a fixed lens as I liked the fact I could take macros and zoom pictures before without having to carry multiple lenses. This one is even zoomier, going from 24-2000mm equivalent in 35mm terms when using optical zoom and up to 4000mm using dynamic fine zoom. I will learn more when I download the “what it all means” manual. Bob has had the pleasure of taking apart my old faithful and found a broken cog and burnt out motor. 

Today was my first drive. I found it OK but a long way to Orange plus walking around town. I went to the launch of a new independent candidate for our federal electorate. A very vivacious woman - I will be interested to see how she goes. We are in a very safe National Party seat here but it might liven up our sitting member if nothing else. 

I also bought a pair of shoes as our store has closed down. Phew. I was pleased to get home. 

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