Strava Day 256/ 75 Hard Off Phase Day 12.

Grateful am at home now while having a sudden attack of hyperacidity. Writing this while calming myself, listening to birds chirping and Reese Lansangan (OPM / Filipino artist) on Spotify.
Received wonderful news this morning from April, one of my good friends from St.Paul Academy (three years of High School was spent there). Intending to visit her and Amaya Antonia (newborn) today however, am not sure whether non-family members are allowed to visit.
Today is my cousins' Joy and Emmanuel's birthday. They are brothers/sisters and they fortuitously share the same birth date (different year but same day). T used to call Joy, Tita Doy when he was a toddler. Joy is overseas now but we are always celebrating her existence: When T was born, B and I are quite fortunate to have a registered nurse/board certified nurse (no idea about her certifications) help us administer the initial/requisite vaccines.
From the flap/dust jacket of Rilke's A Poet's Guide to Life:

* "You have to live life to the limit, not according to each day but by plumbing it's depth." -Rainer Maria Rilke

*Life and Living: "How good life is. How fair, how incorruptible, how impossible to deceive: not even by strength, not even by willpower, and not even by courage. How everything remains what it is and has only this choice: To come true, or to exaggerate and push too far."

*Art: "The work of art is adjustment, balance, reassurance. It can be neither gloomy nor full of rosy hopes, for it's essence consists of justice."

*Faith: "I personally feel a greater affinity to all those religions in which the middleman is less essential or almost entirely suppressed.

*Love: "To be loved means to be ablaze. To love is: to shine with inexhaustible oil. To be loved is to pass away: To love is to last."

Featured photo is a self-timed mobile shot of me scrambling/attempting a handstand at 5:55. This is quite significant as even if am wearing a blue shirt, am wearing a pink facemask with B and T's collab paint work in the background. Blue is for Ateneo de Naga and Pink is for Leni Robredo (previously mentioned Presidential candidate we are supporting).
Gratitude and Light.

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