By Ingleman

Happy Girl

I have blipped Hollie before but couldn't resist this shot. (black and white in extra)

I am very happy to be part of the blip community, many of whom are fellow dog owners.

So I dedicate this shot to all of you wonderful blip people, especially those with dogs, who will just get it!

Here's to Misty, Samuel, Archie, Loki, Sadie, Bean, Cosmo, Ringo, Abe, Django, Nibs, Peetu, Zorro, Zeeva, Maxie, Minnie2, Luna, Berry, Ivy, Djeili, Jet, Smoochi, and all the others who I have not mentioned.... Our lovely dogs enrich our lives and give us a common bond.

Have a great weekend you woolly woofers, and your human pets! 

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