By Ingleman


Today I walked four miles, but was never more than two miles from home. So for now, I am not in trouble with the law. I took many pretty photos, such a beautiful day it was. Yet the one which I feel minded to publish is this shot of one side of a huge foundation stone at a church near to where I live. On the front the inscription states it was laid by a notable public servant in the year of Our Lord 1865.The Church was opened in 1866. I am puzzled by the motif, thinking it might be a Maltese Cross? If so, why. What is the significance.? I note the church is open for  'quiet reflection' That is my kind of reflection, so tomorrow I shall be doing some. Quietly, of course.
Mancave came into it's own today. Bitterly cold wind, but warm and toasty inside with the stove in full steam. We use a small iron skillet filled with water which adds humidity and reduces the risk of suffocation and heat exhaustion! Very effective but it needs topping up frequently.

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