Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob


Posting this on 14th as I didn't get home from Superbowl Sunday shenanigans until 03:40 this morning...! I must say, it felt wonderful to be out and about again, hanging out with good buddies and feeling somewhat 'normal', especially in Sommar Tap and The Colmore as they weren't particularly busy. The sheer number of people in the Gosta Green for the Superbowl was a bit much for me though, and I shall probably be panicking any time I cough or sniffle for the next week or so... 

Pictured is a congrats-on-your-job beer from Kie, so many wings (and this was just Round 1!), having too much fun with a foam finger, Phil looking like he'd rather be doing literally anything but waving a tiny American flag, and the only sensible picture anyone took all night of Kie & I (thanks, Kie!)

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