By TheOttawacker

The Battle of Billings Bridge

The Battle of Billings Bridge.

All it took in the end was a plastic cone and a few hundred pissed off people, standing across the road to prevent the convoy from getting the fuel it needed to carry on, and additional protestors to fan the flames of fuckwittery.

I know at times I have railed against the apathy of Ottawans and the boredom of life in Canada's capital city, but today there was a spirit among people that prevented a further deterioration of the ongoing Ivermectin Insurrection put the appalling Ottawa police to shame. I felt a strange feeling in my inside leg... could it be, could it really be... pride?

A serious "well done" to all those who attended and made a mockery of the police assertion that the truckers could not be prevented from reaching downtown because it would be "too expensive". 

I have no idea what the outcome will be of whatever investigations into police (in)action during this siege take place, but one thing has been made clear. The vast majority of Canadians reject the stupidity and aggression of this mindless minority of mothertruckers. 

This is the Power of Community.

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