Enjoying an afternoon walk

They were walking hand in hand, and looking rather earnest. Perhaps it was that I had a mask and they did not. Also I was jogging, having just emerged from the steep track up from the (lower) Pipeline. 

I tend to wear the mask, even though exercise in the open air is exempt from the advice to wear a mask at all times. Especially now, as a contact of a contact has recently been diagnosed with Covid. Our contact has had a negative test, and is no longer required to self isolate. We never were required to, but have both mostly stayed in the house for the past few days.

Such a peaceful scene. In stark contrast to the chaos in Wellington, only a day's drive away. I've just read that one of the loudest voices has told reporters that he'd quite like to see some executions. 

There has also been discussion about freedom and rights. The issue is whether we value freedom from (harm, starvation, arbitrary detention) above or below freedom to (do what I want for me). Apparently, those in the occupation of Parliament grounds are moving more and more strongly to freedom to regardless of how that affects the rights of others to have freedom from.

It is a very sorry state of affairs.

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