By LornaLPodcast

Bye bye Bethany

Bethany left Edinburgh his morning to return home to Nottingham by train, with a change at Crewe. The Edinburgh service was jam packed because it had to accommodate many additional passengers who had been unable to travel yesterday due to Storm Eunice. Although Bethany had a booking, there were no reservations on the service. She was very lucky to find a free seat.

There is an outside chance that Bethany may be back in Edinburgh in the next couple of months. Otherwise, the next time that she will be reunited with members of the wider P2P project team will be on Tuesday 24th May for the podcast launch in Malvern. At this event she will play Lorna Lloyd again by reading extracts of the war diary. She will also recite some of Lorna's poetry for us.

We'll provide more details of the launch as our plans come together. It will be a free ticketed event running from the afternoon into the early evening.

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