a lifetime burning

By Sheol


After the drama of yesterday (largely spent indoors watching it and reading about it) we ventured out to darkest deepest Wiltshire today to have lunch with my brother Brentastic. Inevitably we spent a fair part of the journey saying "and there's another tree that's come down".  Fortunately the clean up job has happened at pace and none of the roads were blocked.

Brendan cooked a very fine venison casserole which was enjoyed by all, so much so that several of us had seconds.  Any plan that he might have had to freeze the remnants was sadly foiled.  Afterwards we went for a walk across some very muddy fields to "get some fresh air" as Mum would have put it.

This is a quick snap of my two siblings, I think alcohol has been taken at this point so it won't win any prizes, but they look happy!

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