The Sum Of All It's Parts

Can you tell how bored I am?

It is a cold, wet, grey, windy, grey, dreary grey day. Not quite fifty  shades but not far off.

The lack of usable light leaves me uninspired. I have decided to refrain from taking Hollie out in the mud for the fourth day on the trot. We'll probably have a walk round the block later. Compromise.

Taking this picture reminded me of the job I once had at a fruit juice factory. I didn't last long.... couldn't concentrate.

Bit anxious today, got the Jag booked in for service and MOT tomorrow... Hope it passes, could do without the expense of any repairs.. Fingers crossed.

I have really enjoyed blip over the last few days, there have been some excellent images and some wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing your journals, it makes my day! 

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