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By arkensielphoto

Lower Orchard and Marsh

I spent a lot of the morning watching our resident Buzzard, which seems to like sitting in our trees. It was also on the ground pulling worms or something similar from the lawn. It was having some difficulty flying, but left the garden around 1300 hours.

It was windy overnight as well as some high winds but these were not quite as bad as those over the weekend. Fortunately we do not have any damage except the same garden chairs fell over again. Some trains are running, at a reduced speed and some have been cancelled. The road out of our village, both ways, has been closed due to flooding and another one has been closed as they wait for a tree to fall over! It was possible for my daughter to get to work, using a different longer route. Other family members are working from home and one is still in America until Thursday when he flies back in; I hope the wind has died down so his plane can land.

Today’s picture shows our lower orchard and the marsh beyond which is flooded.

Noon Today – Nine degrees Celsius. Wet and windy with some thirty second blasts of sunshine.

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