By dougster1989

Glasgow Rooftops

A view from my house with some Glasgow high rise towers in the distance. I'm not very into politics to be honest but it makes me think about the benefit cuts that are going through just now. I'm so used to hearing people going on about the cheats and the scroungers and there is rhetoric that exists whereby all those who are entitled to high amounts of benefit money are 'at it', for want of a better phrase. It sickens me how we as a society are so quick to jump on the bandwagon without taking people's individual circumstances into account. Yes there are those out there who cheat the system and that is wrong. However, there are more people out there who genuinely need the money to live, to survive. Maybe if the politicians and the media weren't so quick to focus on those who are cheating the system and took note of those who actually need it most.

I do realise that I've perhaps been as biased as the rest by suggesting that all people that live in high rises are in receipt of benefits however it is probably an unfortunate truth that a lot of people who live in these particular ones do.

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