By Maureen6002

Dark water

I decide the ‘body of water’ for today’s challenge will be the sea - and to make my choice even more predictable, I decide I will return to West Shore yet again. Yesterday’s coastal walk was so delightful, I’m hoping I’ll be able to capture some similar shots again. But as we approach Llandudno, blue sky is rapidly disappearing as a huge bank of cloud approaches from the west - presumably the next storm front. My hopes of sunlit waters quickly dissipate. 

Back home, there’s hardly been a breeze, but stepping out of the car we find we are literally struggling to stand up in the high winds blowing unimpeded off the sea. Amazingly, the sun is just about holding its own above the heavy cloud; the sea is dark and foreboding, but the crepuscular rays are just enough to catch the wave-crests, and to to turn the spray of breakers snowy white. (Best viewed large)

Standing in the full force of the wind is joyously exhilarating, but once again sea spray and photography don’t mix, and almost immediately, my lens is covered with fine droplets, and most of my shots are spoiled. My iPhone fares better, though even here it’s hard to avoid the spray. 

This is a body of water that has featured in so many of by blips - and it still amazes me just how its mood can change from day to day. Yesterday, serene and calm, today dark and wild. No wonder I love walking here so much. 

Thanks to RockArea for hosting Wild Wednesday. 

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