St. Jerome’s Creek

Partly sunny with periods of rain, high 72 deg F and low expected of 38 deg F. We had breakfast and picked up my mother for her medical appointment in the next county. I went straight to her wharf to get a few shots of all these ducks (blackheads?) that were in the creek. And this photo did not capture all of them. They say ducks are some of the happiest animals. Maybe we should learn a bit from them. Momma was distraught when hubby went inside. She’d been getting crank calls since 6:00 am. The hackers have gone from telling her she owes $1,000 a few weeks ago to $3,000 today. Hubby contacted her bank and they assured her no one has withdrawn any funds. When we got to her appointment, her BP was sky high from the incidents. The doc thinks they can improve my mother’s circulation with procedures they will start in three months. We had delicious soup and salad at a restaurant she’d never visited before. That fun experience calmed her down a bit; Hubby and me not so much. We feel helpless. We were going to church tonight for a presentation but we were simply too drained. Instead, Hubby started working on Momma’s taxes. We had 33 new COVID cases in the last 24 hours. Thanks for stopping by. “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” - Michael Caine

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