On the road to normality

Another horrific, cold, biting day. Yesterday's freezing rain managed to leave a two-inch crust of ice all over the city, so school buses were cancelled for the second day in a row and Mrs. Ottawacker had to brave the sidewalks to take Ottawacker Jr. to school. Bless her, she went to get him again too - the school having called to tell us he was feeling a bit unwell. Took around 30 minutes to get the ice of the windscreen and the doors.

Elsewhere, Liverpool hit six past Leeds and I got another chunk of the appalling editing job done. My head is spinning at times.

Tui is coming close to the end of her conal confinement: she's been trying to use her cone to scratch the areas she can no longer lick. Hopefully the stitches will have dissolved completely by the time we get it off.

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