Stockades, 21st Century style

"Dad, I'm stuck."
"Oh yeah?"
"Can you help get me out?"
"Like now?"

We've been introducing Ottawacker Jr. to the delights of British comedy. Part of me thought he was a bit too young but then, I figured, what the hell. What harm could it do? Besides, he only gets to watch TV two or three times a week.

We watched the C4/Irish Father Ted to start with, which was a huge success, and now we have moved on to Only Fools and Horses. I know this is shown every day in the UK and twice on Sundays, but over here, it is still an unknown quantity. It too has been a success.

It has, however, had a few unexpected side effects. I have heard the "Dad, don't be a plonker all your life" comment once or twice too often, and there has also been an outbreak of decidedly plonkerish behaviour. (From Ottawacker Jr., I should say, not Mrs. Ottawacker.)

Today's example, which after a hard day slogging away at the world's worst editing job I found less amusing than I might have, was Ottawacker Jr. getting himself stuck under the bench at the end of our dining room table. It was only after about five minutes of conversation that I realized he was serious - he couldn't lift it from where he was lying (it does weigh a ton, in fairness) and he did need help.

I left him for another five minutes and then went to his aid. Who's the plonker now, Rodney?

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