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By Mobius


Emma-Jean Thackray - Gig
Long awaited and re-planned numerous times over two years my friend and I attended the first ever tour gig for Emma-Jean Thackray. The keyboardist and bass player were really in the groove with lots of improvisation, as was she on vocals and trumpet. At one point the bass was played like a lead guitar at high pitch.

Emma Jean looked very anxious beforehand, until they started to play.

First trip to The Hare & Hounds in Birmingham, an excellent old city style pub downstairs and gig venue upstairs in an annexe, with it's events promoter Leftfoot.

My friend, a far more seasoned jazz and dance gigger than I, was as very impressed as was I with the gig and venue. Made the difficult 4 hour round trip drive well worthwhile; dark, raining, lots of roadwork diversions as well as Birmingham's ever complex road system.

I gave them all a gentle pat on the back as they left the stage, walking through the front of the crowd. They'd sort of built an encore into their act, but still came back for one more track.

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