Hellebore bud

It has been a lovely sunny day today, although quite windy at times. Did get washing out on the line , but decided to rescue it after an hour out so as it was likely finish up flying off into the distance!  Put it on the airer in the covered porch and it is all nice and dry. 

Cut my two little lawns today. Had the blade up on 4 so as not cut too short just yet. Must say it does look good, a little bit of weeding too. So I now have one green recycle bin full. And the garden beginning to look a little like someone might care about it.

I am still playing catch up from yesterday. Drama struck just gone 9pm when I had a phone call from my 95 year old neighbour. She had cut her leg on the dishwasher door, and it was bleeding badly. So round I go. Bless her she was more concerned with the blood dripping on her new flooring then where is was coming from. So a 999 call and the paramedics were with us quite quickly, sorted B out and arranged for a district Nurse to come after them as while they had cleaned the wound, and checked her BP etc they can no longer dress the wound!!! A new directive in the last year. She was with us very quickly dressed it, gave B and me instructions. Job done. But must say I didn't sleep very well as I had my mobile on in case B needed any help in the night. Have seen her this morning and she is quite mobile, and has be told to rest it and not just by me, as a friend called around to her this morning as well.

Thank you all so much for my blip birthday wishes, it is quite humbling to see my blip on pg 1 :-))

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