Arnside and beyond

By gladders


We had a busy day, but there was time to stop and watch the young lambs stretching their legs.  This one was chasing after her mum, she's probably only a few days old, and not wholly coordinated on her legs yet.  They haven't yet got to the stage I like most when they gang up chasing and springing about together, and playing king of the castle on mounds and rocks.  Why do these little creatures with their joie de vive turn into such dull adults?  

I somehow can't find the words tonight to express what seeing these means for me at the moment.  It's the reassurance that whatever awful things are happening elsewhere, the cycle of life does keep turning.  This is the first visible new animal life this year, and soon the countryside will be full of the next generation of creatures of every kind.  Life remains inextinguishable.

Thank you for all the kind comments, stars and hearts for the little drake teal.

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