The second half of life..

By twigs

Hey, good lookin'

...what ya got cookin'?

Decided to have a v-e-r-y easy day today.  Drove to Purakaunui Bay (just 24kms) to a DoC campsite I'd picked out as looking rather nice.  Left mid-afternoon  having had a particularly easy/slow morning.  The drive was mostly on gravel/unsealed roads, something I'm getting pretty used to.  Poor ol' Gerty van will be getting a major clean out when I get home - the road dust gets everywhere. The quiet camp I'd expected to find turned out to be anything but.......heaps of cars, tents and small campers most of which seemed to be owned by very young people.  Some parties could be heard around the site around bedtime....... :(  (I think I'm showing my age!)

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