By Sparkey

Look Ma, I Gotta Macro Lens!!

Ok, those of you who saw my blip yesterday may notice that this is not the steel wool burning picture that I promised. Very observant. Truth is, there was a slight glitch. The technical term for it is a circadian-schedule ocular interface error. (Translation: I can't read my calendar!)

Anyway, since I now had no plans for the evening, it gave me a chance to get better acquainted with my new camera and test out my new macro lens with... more water droplets!! Shock horror. (For those of you that don't know me, check out my previous blips. I've done a couple of these before.)

From tonight's endeavour, I ended up with two favourites - the one you see above (which you can see larger here) and one which has different colours and was shot from a different angle which you can see here. It's soooo good to be able to use the whole image and not have to crop it! Viva la macro revolución!

So, tomorrow is when we're going out for the steel wool burning. Stay tuned for the results...

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