A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

The Tales of Monkey

I've wanted to start doing some drawing again & I used to really enjoy it, but with studies & jobs & all things wonderful, it got sidelined.

That all changed however at Christmas when Jenny bought me a pad & some shiny new pencils! I'd had a vision of creating some stories about, you guessed it, our very own Monkey, & this was my first page of doodlings. I think I would very much one day like to write & illustrate a series of books about Monkey's adventures, & lately I've also added greeting cards to my wish list too. So, watch this space blippers.. A Monkey's Tale might be coming to a shop near you in the near-ish (???) future.

In other news, a training morning at the Office today, re-hashing all the compulsary, quarterly tests that are required of an employee of a bank - they really are a joy!

This evening we watched the opening episode of a new Scandinavian crime-drama, Arne Dahl. I am very partial to a Swedish serial! It was different, to say The Killing, Wallander or Borgen (all of which I'm a big fan of), but that's definitely not a bad thing. It was also a bit harrowing, particularly in the closing scenes, but I leave that treat for those that venture that far. It has a good story & some interesting characters, so we'll see, it might have the legs. Part 2 may just reveal all.

And so it begins..

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