A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

the Thatched Cottage & the Old Place

Original, no!?

In the heart of West Sussex sits the beautiful & historic town of Lindfield, meaning 'open space by the lime trees'. These are two of its oldest & most stunning landmarks. The Thatched Cottage dates from 1390 & was apparently a hunting lodge used by King Henry VII. Behind it, to the right, is situated the Old Place built in 1590 & was rescued from use as a poor house by the Victorian stained-glass artist Charles Eames Kempe.

It's a beautiful looking town & I've been wanting to explore it ever since we used to travel through it in the morning rush to work. Ever since we ventured a little further along the high street on Tuesday night this week to the Bent Arms with Dad & Ri, it has made me even more commited to capturing the sights & sounds of Lindfield.

3 day weekend begins now! We have a wedding in County Durham to attend.

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