Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Mardi Gras

"Fatty Tuesday' as it's the last day prior to the fasting for Easter... and the last day of Carnival festivities.

It's also March 1st... a new month! Καλό Μήνα σε όλους σας!

The picture I took the other day in Maastricht, as many of you will recognize. The Maurits Museum covered in Spring flowers, was my foto for today, but what meaning does that bear?! The smoke and youth pictured here, bear (for me) a stronger reference to the people in Ukraine, than the museum covered in flowers... altho' Lliv's mueum does write history today too! 

That 64 kms colonne/convoy  of Russian tanks etc. creeping onto Kyiev like a boa constrictor almost paralyzed my thoughts today ~ the image was registered by satelite and shared with us the world all over... except for the countries at war. 

Thank you all lots for your reactions of recent!!

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