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By iamrosco

What can I get you?

Visited Nishiki Market today, and perused the many stalls and shops in search of some lunch. The place was busy, but as (pretty much) everyone is so polite, it's not that bad getting around and having a look at it all. We eventually settled upon some unagi sushi (which we were ushered though into the back of the monger's shop to eat) followed by some beautifully light yet full of flavour steamed buns filled with local Kyoto beef (from what I understood from the sign and my stunted conversation with the lady). Whatever it was, it was definitely not intestine. Shudder.

We spent the afternoon wandering the hubbub, leafing through ukiyo-e woodblock prints, eyeballing knifes made by the descendants of a guy who turned to kitchenware when the need for katanas dried up over 400 years ago (now thats a family business), and bumping into some of the seemingly endless numbers of shrines and temples that scatter maps of Kyoto. They really are all sorts of sizes, and everywhere.

I ventured out to the station area later on to sample the delights/madness of BIC Camera and Yodobashi Kyoto to see if I could track down some items that are harder to find back home. Mission accomplished, they are both filled to the rafters with such items. Yikes. I managed to sate myself with just having a shot with some things...ok ok, mainly cameras. That Fuji Klasse looks pretty smart...

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