Hawk Follies/Love Is In the Air

We ran into town to get groceries at Giant on North Atherton on this day. My husband went in to do the shopping, as I headed over to walk at Tudek Park. We arranged a meeting time, but of course, when I got back, my husband was still inside.

So I got in the car with my camera, and as I often do when I have a few minutes to spare, I was noodling around with it, exercising my photography instincts. What was the most interesting thing I could see? What could I do with it, photographically speaking?

And then what did I see but a rather large, bottle-shaped bird moving around in a tree between the Giant parking lot and Atherton Street. As I watched, it flew into the next tree. As I zoomed my camera out, I noticed that there were now TWO very large birds in the tree, eyeing each other up.

The bird on my right suddenly flew into the air - that's the shot above - and then you must guess what happened next. Yes, he mounted the other bird, and there was hot hawk action for about the next 45 seconds. I took as many photos as I could, leaning my lens against the window for balance.

Now, I have seen a lot of hawks - they used to hang out on the light poles by the Innovation Park exit where I got off I-99 to go to work every day at Penn State - but I think this is the first time I've witnessed this particular hawk act in person. After they finished, the female flew off, grabbed some twigs, and took them to a nest she was making in a nearby tree. AWESOME! Spring is here and we've got procreation going on!

I love hawks and am very much in favor of there being baby hawks to carry on the family line. I am always surprised - I probably shouldn't be anymore - by how hawks can make their homes so close among us, and even in town. If my husband had been on time, I'd have missed the show. So . . . lucky me! What a thrill to go to town and get a glimpse of something wild!

I have two photos, so let's give this couple - whose privacy I invaded! - a pair of songs. I like Tina Turner, and here are two fine duets. Tina Turner and Bryan Adams, with It's Only Love. And here's a hot one: Tina Turner and David Bowie, with Tonight (read his lips when he whispers in her ear and she laughs a great big laugh).

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