It may be tiny and insignificant, but it's fiddly and still a right royal pain in the arse.

Only the third time that I've had to fix a puncture mind you, since this supposedly puncture-proof pair went on last October, so I'm not complaining (had three in five days the week before I switched them over). Still stopped put me off getting out and about though (farting about taking pictures of it all didn't help).

It was a big shock to have breakfast served to me in bed this morning, from Rip Euan Winkle himself, coffee with a roll and HP sauced sausages no less. This was after yesterdays's marathon sleeping session whereby I forgot he was even in the house and, after I headed upstairs at 2:15 in the afternoon, found him still snoring in his scratcher. On pain of immediate PS3 extraction he was warned that this wasn't to be repeated and, to his credit, he was up and about before any of us this morning. I'd put money on normal service resuming tomorrow though, and it'll be back to cooking my own corn flakes.

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